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Inventive Academy Application - Basic Information - Step 1 of 5

Answer some javascript questions to show you know some basics. This helps us identify that you have spent at least a little time getting to know this stuff. We have all sorts of quick start material to help you with this step if you have not yet started looking into the world of programming. A great way to get started is by coming to visit us at one of our free “JavaScript 101” meetups. Get to know us. Learn some basics!


Follow the Coding Exercise steps using the code editor at right to input your code. Check your work along the way by clicking the “Run Code >” button at the bottom. The step will turn green when you have completed that step properly. When all steps have been completed, you’ll see the circle indicator at top right of code editor turn green and you’ll be asked to submit your code to us for review. Good luck!

Coding Exercise
  1. Create variable called infoArray and assign it to an empty array.
  2. Then add several strings to that array:
    1. your full name
    2. your github, twitter, linkedin or other social url
    3. your favorite color
  3. Next create a function named splitName. It should take in a parameter called name.
  4. The splitName function should take the name passed in and slice it into the name parts.
    Ex: Bob Smith would become an array with two values in it “Bob” and “Smith”.
  5. Now create a new variable called myInfo and assign an object literal to it.
  6. Add the following key-value pairs to myInfo
    • Key: firstName
      Value: assign your first name using the splitName function and the infoArray array
    • Key: LastName
      Value: assign your last name using the splitName function and the infoArray array
    • Key: social
      Value: assign your social url using the infoArray array
    • Key: color
      Value: assign your favorite color using the infoArray array

Once you have applied and passed a simple JavaScript quiz it is time for an interview. This interview is to help assess your readiness to absorb new topics quickly. Your interviewer will show you some new things and walk you through some simple problems to solve. Based on how you do you might be ready to enter the bootcamp. Otherwise you can go back to step two..and try again! Never hesitate to reach out to us for help while in this phase!

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