We understand there are a lot of boot camps to choose from. We hope you check us out to see if we are the right fit for you! Not only do we equip with you with real-world experience to help you find your dream job, we also start you off right by giving you a brand new MacBook at the start of boot camp. 

Since opening in May 2017, we realized that many students who want to come into the tech space can’t, for one reason.

They need a computer.

They want to change careers, they have the time and drive to do it, but they don’t have the right tool. If they do have a computer, it is old and slow.

To solve this problem, Inventive Academy decided that included in the cost of tuition (which, we didn’t raise!) every student will be given a MacBook. It will come with the curriculum already loaded and many of the tools you will need for the course pre-programmed into it.

We believe in supporting our students throughout the entire boot camp program and beyond. This includes giving you the tools you need right from the start!

Apply Now and start your journey to a new career!

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