Jeff has 20 years’ experience creating and launching innovative software products for desktop, web, tablet, mobile, and cloud, defining the company’s product vision & strategy, executing product development and working directly with high performance, multi-functional teams from all business areas to drive product adoption and company growth.


Jeff speaks Customer. He speaks Technology. He translates and bridges the two to create compelling solutions that disrupt the status quo.


Over his career, Jeff has served in every possible product & design role, from Developer to UI/UX Designer, Team Lead, VP of Engineering, Product Manager, CEO and everything in between. These experiences give him the ability to bring multi-disciplinary teams together to efficiently and effectively execute a product vision & roadmap. 


Throughout his career, Jeff has bootstrapped five companies from the ground up. He was able to raise $14 million dollars of investments for these companies and generated $40 million in revenue from the products he managed. 


We are excited to have Jeff as a part of the Inventive team, and can’t wait for the exciting things to come!