It’s almost spring, and it’s time for new interns at Inventive! We wanted to showcase our last group of interns and what they learned with us last semester. In partnership with ACC, each semester Inventive takes 3-4 interns who are currently working towards their degree in computer science for a 6-12 week internship. During this internship the group is tasked with a project; the end result is a working piece of software.

One of Inventive’s owners, Miguel Gonzalez, noticed there was a knowledge gap between students graduating with a computer science degree and actually landing a job. The schools were able to teach the fundamentals of coding but not the current tools or ways in which many tech companies operate. Inventive strives to close this gap and give students a chance at real-world experience which helps them bolster their resume.

This past fall Semester, Inventive had the pleasure of having 3 interns from Austin Community College. Roslyn, Thinh, and Camilo were eager to learn and jumped right into their projects.

Roslyn works full time at a hotel and wanted to change careers to better support her family. Thinh is from Vietnam and has a background in IT support but wanted to learn programming to provide more for his family. Camilo is an artist, who through work at a nonprofit, found he is great at data analysis and decided to pursue programming.

Here’s what they had to say about Inventive’s Internship Program:

Camilo: I learned a lot about programming in school, but we never used GUI or web applications. We almost always created terminal apps, so I really wanted to learn how to create software with an attractive user interface. I heard so much about APIs and I didn’t know anything about them! I wanted to get a taste of what programming was really like because I knew that was missing from my current course work.

Roslyn: I loved that we got to work with some of the newest applications that aren’t taught in school.

Camilo: Inventive is small and cozy and feels like a group of friends. People were really welcoming. I loved that a real project manager managed us. This gave it a pulse and a feeling that we were really working on a project. She was helpful, listened and came up with solutions.

If you are interested in applying for our internship program or learning more about our coding academy contact us at [email protected]. Or take our free coding assessment to see if coding is right for you!