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Andrew SiemerJames ShawJason FitchAlyssa McClurkenMelanie BerezoskiMaisy Shaw
Elle RainsFaith WatersIryna HavryliukMisty HendersonOksana IvanovaAnni Favela
Jake HelgesonRich RodriguesAlexis WayneGreg Bryant
Inventive Brady Bunch
Simon TimmsBrad PollackNick BeckerRon Rutherford
Alvin JacksonLeandro MacedoAdriana ConstantinoMac ChambersScott KiedeischCorey Thompson
Drake SiemerOctavio JacoboAaron UllalTabetha MoeChristina HarderRyan ChadekDusty ZietzBrendan ConnellyBryce LachanceAlexander GoldinBen Nettleton

About Inventive

Inventive offers enterprise-scale software and product development services that allow organizations to innovate quickly, and easily create and launch powerful user experiences that modernize your brand. Partnering with Inventive provides customers a full-service team to solve complex technology problems with proven solutions.

If you’ve seen our tagline, you understand our work ethic – we focus on getting the job done, as quickly and effectively as possible. Quick and effective means less of our Client’s money gets spent, Clients are happier, and, selfishly, we have a better chance to earn follow up work.

So why not say “get the job done”? Because Get Shit Done expresses urgency and passion. It’s important to our Clients, so we’re serious about it.

Even after 4 years, we still think of ourselves as a scrappy startup and are constantly improving everything. Not just how we work on client projects, but how we onboard new team members, and how we keep our culture alive while working from home. Continuous Improvement is part of Get Shit Done.

There’s a hidden part to the message too. We’re open and transparent, and we communicate candidly. Our clients often comment that they appreciate that. If we screw up, we own it and tell you immediately. If your team is somehow blocking our progress, or asking for scope creep, we tell you that too. Immediately. Let’s talk it through.

Which is why it’s not Get $%*t Done. There’s no point in hiding behind a fake facade or sugar-coating it. Frankly, life is too short for anything else.

Founders' Story

Andy and James have known each other for over a decade, meeting in California and ultimately ending up together in Austin, Texas. They have collaborated with each other across several businesses leading and managing consulting and engineering teams for Fortune 500 companies. From corporate to agency clients to training large teams of engineers, Andy and James have created the best of the best engineering and digital products across many industries.

Andy and James crossed paths many times over the years and in doing so, created a deep friendship with the same passion and focus on delivering amazing customer experiences. In 2018, James joined Andy at Inventive to build the business and scale the team to meet new project demands. Together, they continue to grow the company with vision, passion and a get shit done focus.

The Team

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Inventive believes in making technology and innovation more accessible to all. Always seeking to improve lives with technology. 10% of proceeds are donated to our Inventive Cares Fund. Every Inventive client enables us to improve lives with technology for nonprofits, veterans, women in tech, and first responders.

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At Inventive Academy we change people’s lives with technology, including yours! With our virtual course, you can build a career as a Full-Stack Engineer; designed and led by full-time developers committed to your learning and career development. Request more information at

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Inventive Ventures specializes in technology and product solutions, from first-time entrepreneurs to late stage tech companies, with custom software and product development offerings. We are a full-service team of strategists, engineers, and designers working together to bring your vision to life.

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