Designing for an experience

At Inventive, we blur the lines between designers, programmers, artists, and storytellers. Our design team isn’t just into aesthetics. We’re about creating products that resonate both visually and functionally. The result is balanced and intuitive user experiences powered by engineering that brings innovation to life.

We're big on Design Thinking and UX strategies. Why? Because we love crafting human-centered experiences that connect, inspire, and provoke thought. We go all the way into understanding feature requirements, business goals, workflows, and user perspectives to deliver tailor-made experiences that hit the mark.

From Brainstorm to Masterpiece: Our Design Journey

Here's a fun tidbit: some of our brightest ideas sprouted from doodles on napkins and scribbles in notebooks. It’s a bit ironic for a high-tech team, but getting back to our old-school roots sparks our creativity. Like many revolutionary efforts, our best visions begin with a simple pen-to-paper approach. 

Whether you're in the 'napkin sketch' phase and need some product strategy insights — or you’re ready for high-fidelity design and prototyping, we're here to elevate your vision. And when it comes to developing your dream software, we're all-in to turn those sketches into reality.

Design Solutions

Our design team creates WOW user experiences that will take your breath away. Check out our design solutions below and discover how we can help you take your product vision and make it a reality!

Design sprints

Dive into our design sprints where every step is a leap forward! We focus on critical questioning, need identification, brainstorming, prototyping, and testing. It's a journey from "What if?" to "Wow, that's it!" ensuring every sprint ends with a bang — not a fizzle.

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User Research

Stories come alive through great user experiences, and we're the narrators. User research isn't just about data; it's about dialogue. We talk to people, understand their journey, and build products that are based on real wants and needs. No assumptions, just insights straight from the source.

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It’s during the prototyping phase that ideas really begin to take shape and goals become clearly defined. It's where we test, tweak, and tune before the big launch. We believe in looking for opportunities to optimize early on, saving time and effort, and turning "what's that?" into "that's what I need!"

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Branding and Logo Design

There are a lot of brands trying to get your customers’ attention, so let's make your brand unforgettable. It’s not just about a logo or color scheme; it’s about crafting an identity that echoes your values and resonates with your audience. We blend experience and expertise to create your brand’s story.

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Design Success Stories

Proper design includes a deep dive into your business goals, customer demographics, competitor analysis, features, functionality, and, ultimately, how to measure the success of your project. We’re proud to have helped many clients take their designs to the next level. Here are just a few of our success stories.

Our Arsenal of Design Tools

Let's Design Something that Wows!