Designing for an experience

Designers, programmers, artists, and storytellers. 

Here at Inventive, we are one and the same. Our talented design team delivers impeccable products that focus on intuitive user experiences and a beautiful user interface just as much as the complex engineering aspects of building a product that works.

We also apply Design Thinking methods and UX strategies to create human-centered experiences that connect people, inspire people, and make them think. Our process is to develop a deep understanding of the feature requirements, business goals, workflows, and user mindsets so that we can deliver a custom experience that fulfills your business (and customer) needs.

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Everything starts with an idea: Our design process

Fun fact: some of our greatest ideas have stemmed from sketches made on napkins and notebooks that cover our desks and line our shelves. And yes, we absolutely see the irony of a tech company going fully old school. But it works for us. Visions start to become a reality when we put pen to paper. 

We can help you as early as the napkin phase with some product strategy tips. We can also get involved with high-fidelity design and prototyping. And, of course, we would love the opportunity to bid on building your perfect software.

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Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.

Design Solutions

Our design team creates WOW user experiences that will take your breath away. Check out our design solutions below and discover how we can help you take your product vision and make it a reality!

Design sprints

Our design sprints are carefully crafted; each step within this process builds upon the last and are all necessary for the best final result. Key focus areas we emphasize during design sprints include: asking critical questions, identifying needs, brainstorming ideas, prototyping, and testing.

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User Research

Creating great user experiences is all about telling a story and bringing things to life. Conducting user research to build a detailed narrative around the user helps us walk in their shoes and understand their experience. Our in-depth user research process includes actual conversations with real users. We don't want to create based on market research or industry research alone, we want to talk with those that will use the product so we're not making assumptions about their wants and needs. That's how we make sure we're creating products that users actually care about. After all, people pay attention to products that pay attention to them.

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Our prototyping phase discovers, defines, and refines a project’s needs and goals — prior to development. It also supports user testing and allows for feedback on the product early on. Iteration is great and necessary after a product is released, but there are high-impact changes that can be identified and implemented during the prototyping phase that will help with our goal of saving time and effort.

to papers with four mobile wireframes each and some paper notes, with illustrations and icons floating around

Branding and Logo Design

Taking advantage of our experience and expertise, we will help you connect with your audience in a meaningful way. From logo and colors to voice and tone, we want to take your branding beyond a well-designed visual to a thoughtful identity that reflects your values and creates a lasting impression.

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Our arsenal of design tools