Product Development

Product Development is Our M.O.

We're not ones to brag — well, maybe just a little — but the software and product development methods we put to use at Inventive, and the results we achieve, are nothing short of exceptional. Forget cookie-cutter templates and following trends; we're in the business of setting them.

Why Choose Our Product Development Services

Looking for a partner who will listen and actually collaborate with you to turn your product idea into reality? That's us. We have an elite team of developers, engineers, designers, and your experts to craft the perfect blend of software and hardware, culminating in a product that's not just complete, but groundbreaking.

And we’re not shy about backing up what we say. In fact, what truly distinguishes us from the rest is our commitment to working atop a robust foundation. Duct tape hack jobs? Nope. Every project that passes through our hands is grounded on solid architecture to ensure scalability and adaptability as your business evolves.

You've Got An Idea, and We've Got The Tools To Make It A Reality. Let's Have Some Fun!

Product Development Consulting Services

Our design team creates WOW user experiences that will take your breath away. Check out our design solutions below and discover how we can help you take your product vision and make it a reality!

Product Discovery

Understanding your aspirations and your customers' needs is step one. This dual insight allows us to craft software that aligns with market demands. User personas, software specifications, investment recapture, go-to-market plans, low-fidelity designs, and technical spike processes are all part of the plan.

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Defining Personas

Knowing your customers inside and out is crucial for successful product development. We continuously research and define user personas with ongoing research so that you’re equipped with an up-to-date roadmap that resonates with your target audience.

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Market-Fit Analysis

Our team will conduct a thorough market-fit analysis as part of our product development strategy, identifying where the gaps exist in the market. With an understanding of where unmet needs lie, you’re poised to build solutions that customers are eager to embrace.

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Low-Fidelity Clickable Wire-Framing

Sometimes we need a rapid, cost-effective way to explore and refine big ideas — and that’s where preliminary low-fidelity wireframes come into play. Low-fidelity wireframes communicate your product’s “big idea” rather than getting bogged down by the intricacies of the specific details.

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High Fidelity Clickable Prototyping

Hi-fi clickable prototypes are more complete representations of your end product. They mimic the look and feel of your app or website before it’s actually developed. Our team will include all the branding, copy, colors, logos, fonts, and graphics so you can get a teaser taste of what your final product will look and feel like.

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User Validation

During our user validation process, the goal is to find the user segment with the most potential. We pinpoint the most promising user segments, identifying early adopters and gaining insights into their behaviors and needs, ensuring your product resonates with the right audience.

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Build Requirements

Build requirements establish the foundation and parameters for vision, scope, cost, and schedule that ensure the finished product meets quality and performance requirements. Defining these variables ensures the end product meets your needs while fostering innovation, managing risks, and adhering to best practices.

Our Arsenal of Product Development Tools