5 Signs Your Legacy Systems Need Modernization

You know the old phrase “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?” Well, that doesn’t really apply when dealing with legacy systems. Using an outdated system (even if it works) can really drag your business down. Your business needs to run as efficiently as possible, not just for your and your profit, but also for the performance of your employees and the safety and security of your clients.  

If you’re struggling with the decision on whether or not to modernize your legacy systems, we’ve got five reasons that’ll convince you why you should! 

1. Security!

As technology grows and becomes more advanced, so do the threats to your company’s important data. Old systems are at a greater security risk and are more vulnerable to malware or data breaches than more modern systems. Depending on your type of business, one data breach can cost you more than just money; it can cost you your clients’ trust, which isn’t something that can be so easily won back. Do your company and clients a favor and go for an upgrade. 

2. Not Mobile-Friendly

 After 2020, we all learned how important it is to have software that is mobile-friendly when working in an office just is not practical or safe. Your system needs to be able to function on more than just the desktop at the office, or you’ll suffer performance and revenue loss. This is especially true for businesses that do a lot of work in the field, such as architect companies, landscaping businesses, or even food trucks! A mobile-friendly system makes it easier for employees to do their jobs and in turn, make money for the company. (Which we all want, right?)

3. It Lags Behind

Slow and steady is not always the way to win a race. If your computer sounds like an airplane preparing for takeoff when you boot up your system, or it takes a few minutes to get going, then it is time for an upgrade. You want your business to be as efficient as possible, and having a system that cannot keep up only slows you down and is bad for business and bad for the performance of your employees. Plus, it's incredibly frustrating to have to deal with! Skip the frustration and headaches by modernizing!

4. High Maintenance Costs

If the cost is starting to outweigh the benefits, then you know it’s time to modernize. Old systems are clunky and oftentimes require more time and money to be spent just to keep them functioning. Eventually, they just become a black pit that is forever vacuum-sucking the money straight out of your wallet! Modernizing your system can save you money and time, which are two things we all love. 

5. Doesn’t Solve Your Problems 

If it’s broke…then modernize it! If the system is not solving the problems it is supposed to solve, then why do you still have it? That’s just like keeping a broken toaster or a sock with a giant hole in it. When things can no longer perform the functions they were made to do, it is time to move on. 

We know that change can be difficult, but it is the one constant in the world and it is something that has to happen for growth. Modernizing your legacy system is great for your business, including your employees and clients. If you’re still scared to modernize, don’t fret! Check out this handy guide we put together on how to successfully modernize your legacy system!