Our 2019 growth goals don’t fit with the space constraints we had at our original office location.  Our team was split across two office suites separated by a long hall/haul. This proved to be less than ideal since we weren’t all working in a “together” space.  Also, we were pretty much at capacity everytime we brought in a new project of any size.


In addition to the awkward seating arrangement, we also found that many of our clients were paying a large amount of money to places like WeWork, Capital Factory, and similar coworking spaces but spent a good amount of that time working with us in our offices.  Add to this our observation that projects that have a dedicated and accessible product owner tend to have a much higher rate of success from a cost, feature correctness, and delivery time perspective.


For these reasons and more we decided to make our next move into a large enough space to satisfy our growth goals, allow us to provide desks to our project partners, and ultimately to create a great coworking space for entrepreneurs to gain access to our incubator and accelerator programs.  Both of these programs are a major driver for our 2019 growth.


We have three different options available at Inventive Studios: Hot Desk, Dedicated Desk, and Dedicated Rooms. A Hot Desk is an open desk available for any of our guests and operates on a first come first serve basis. Our Dedicated Desks are available in our shared coworking space called Thanos (yes, all of our rooms/offices are named after Marvel characters… ). Thanos is also a quiet zone because we feel like our best work is done without the distraction of background noise. Inventive Studios also has five meeting rooms that are available for small teams to get work done. Each room has a window overlooking Downtown Austin and a window back into the shared workspace. With access to our engineers, project managers, and executives, Inventive Studios is a great place for you to be productive and resourceful.

If you are interested in hearing more about this, connect with us at https://inventive.io/studios!