James Shaw and I first met back in 2009 at a little e-commerce company called Lamps Plus. We hit it off immediately! We chatted a bit about leaving California and heading off to Texas. Next thing I know he up and moves to Texas. A few months later I get a call from him “HEY! You still interested in moving to Texas?”

We have worked at many other companies together since those early days. We have started other companies together. And we have built many great software engineering teams together. James and I are very opinionated in how great engineering teams should be created and managed.

A lot of James’ opinions can be read on his blog over at https://www.tellthemeverything.com/ where you mind find opinions like…

James has been professionally programming for 30 years, starting in C, C++ and moving to C# in 2000. He received ASP.NET MVP award 3 times and was a founding member of ASP Insiders. He’s very entrepreneurial and has built and sold 3 software companies. His recent roles have been less programming and more helping engineering teams to improve, in roles such as Director or VP.

Personally, James and his family (wife Tara and three kids, Maisy (24), Molly (21), Jesse(19)) moved to the USA from the UK 20 years ago this year. James is a US citizen now. James started a charity with his wife to help women protect themselves from violence, by training and giving away over 10,000 free pepper sprays. After family, cars are his passion. Tara says don’t ask James about cars unless you are really interested! You can see his favorite cars that he’s built or owned at https://bit.ly/2KIiYv8– he’s currently building a Factory Five 1933 Ford replica. Other interests include Keto/Paleo (he toggles), Krav Maga, GoRuck and a lot of travel. This year is their 25th wedding anniversary so James and Tara took a trip to Tuscany as a treat.

Today was his first day. And as I am used to, James came with his sleeves rolled up ready to kick some butt and take names while doing it. He is a man on a mission with the simple goal of “improve one thing every day”. I am super excited to see how having James around makes Inventive a better place to be for the entire team.

Welcome to the Inventive family James!