5 Things You Need to Know While Interviewing For a Tech Position

5 Things You Need to Know While Interviewing For a Tech Position

Tech interviews are unlike any other job interview: they are a specialized, rigorous process that tests your coding skills, problem-solving abilities, and personality. After building your skills, creating a resume, and applying to an endless amount of jobs, you land an interview! However, how do you know if you have everything it takes to land this IT role? Look no further! We’ve got you covered. 

Below are five tips to help you ace any tech interview. 


This seems like a no-brainer, but we don't want to leave anything out. Make sure that you prepare for your interview by thoroughly researching the company. Some questions to keep in mind are: What are they looking for in this role? Have they worked with any outside clients? What major projects have they been involved in? This knowledge will help you stand out from the other candidates and show the company that you truly care about them. 


Interviews are a time where you have to sell yourself, so what features are you selling? There are a few things you should write out and keep on a sticky note by your computer or phone for your first interview. These can include things such as your strengths and weaknesses, your top three skills that are different from your strengths, and programs you have experience with. You want to be as prepared as possible. Having notes will help keep them fresh in your mind, and prevent you from taking awkward pauses while your brain scrambles for an answer. 


If you can research your interviewer, do it. Having knowledge of their background will help you better understand what they are looking for and what skills they themselves find the most valuable. There are multiple rounds of interviews and the first round might be with HR or a recruiter. These people might not have industry knowledge or experience, so while showing off your own industry knowledge and experience is important, show off your soft skills too. Play up that you are a team player and that you have excellent communication and time management skills, as these will be the skills they are looking for and will get you to the next round of interviews. 


At some point in the interview process, there will be a test, whether it be an at-home coding test or a whiteboard challenge in person. Before you start the assignment, ask clarifying questions. These might help you gain insight and hints into the challenge.  It also shows the interviewer that you took the time to evaluate the question. As you work through the problem, talk out your thought process. This shows off your ability to communicate and gives them an opportunity to get a look at your thought process. If it is a non-verbal test, write out your work to demonstrate your problem-solving skills.


Soft skills are non-technical skills that relate to how you work, how you interact with colleagues, and how you solve problems. Soft skills can get overlooked in the IT field, but they are the skills that help you stand out. Other candidates will have the exact same technical skills as you and experience with the same programs, but you can outshine them with your soft skills and how you build those said skills. Time management, teamwork, customer service, and communication skills are the most important skills to have in any work environment. You can be great at the job, but if you are not a team player, or you take too long to finish projects, you will be looked over for the job. Highlight your soft skills in your interview to help yourself stand out. 

IT jobs are typically very competitive. As a result, it can be a tedious process to snag an interview. That’s why it’s so important to be prepared when you finally land one. Follow these tips to elevate yourself above the competition and secure the job position you worked so hard for!