Coders Come in Many Forms

Not only are they Victoria Secret models there can also be a blue-haired 16-year-old. Meet Trinity. Trinity lives on a farm, is trained in Jiu-Jitsu, taught herself how to crochet, loves to cook, and is a Software Engineer who works for Inventive Group. Not your typical 16-year-old, and not your typical coder.

Many people have said, “oh she’s too young to be any good”. Trinity, however, after graduating from  Inventive Academy’s bootcamp, found her stride and really dug into code. A year into her career she has been on 3 real-world projects and received a second job offer because of her mastery of front-end design.

Inventive as a company and as a boot camp, support women in tech and highly encourage anyone thinking, “this might be for me,” to take the leap.

We agree with Lyndsey Scott, there is no one mold for a developer!

The tech world needs more women.

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