Creative Ways Managers Can Celebrate Team Success Remotely

Creative Ways Managers Can Celebrate Team Success Remotely

Isn’t it nice to receive a “good job” or a high-five when you complete a difficult task at work? It makes you feel good and drives you to put more effort into the next project. Here at inventive, we believe that celebrating the success of your team is imperative. We love to encourage each other, and we never hold back when giving our Friday fist bumps! 

Everyone likes to be acknowledged for their hard work, and your team is no different. Celebrating success can lead to improvement in mood and productivity, increased motivation, and encourages team bonding.

 In the days of working in an office, a pizza party in the break room was usually the go-to way to celebrate your team’s success, but what do you do if your team works remotely? We’ve got a few ways you can celebrate your team’s success virtually. 

Virtual Shout Out

An easy and cost-effective way to celebrate is to create and post a shout-out onto your social media. This is a great way to show clients how hard your team is working and why they should choose your business. It’s also a way to show your team that you appreciate them. If social media is not an option for these shout-outs, then try out our method: Friday Fist bumps! Each Friday, we send out an email chain to our entire company with our appreciation of the week so everyone can see who has been kicking major butt! It is easy and encourages your team to thank each other, leading to team bonding and big smiles. 

Take a Class Together

No one wants to celebrate by sitting in an online seminar, so pick something fun! YouTube is a free asset that holds an unlimited amount of resources for fun classes. For example, send your team origami paper and spend an hour together watching origami tutorials. This provides a break from work and a way to work the mind in different ways. Plus, making fun of each other’s paper cranes is a great way to laugh and socialize together. If you want to keep it more cost-effective, then find a drawing tutorial. It seems silly, but when you finish and compare drawings, it can be fun to see all of the outcomes. 

Silly PowerPoints 

This one can be a lot of fun and a unique way to be creative. Ask your team to create a PowerPoint about anything that they are passionate about or interested in. It can be different cat breeds, the history of the French Revolution, or which superhero they believe is the strongest (Captain Marvel, of course). Once all PowerPoints are completed, have them present them. This improves team bonding and can help your team learn more about each other. Learning more about each other can lead to deeper and more meaningful conversations in the future and overall is great for your team. 

Working remotely can have its challenges, but that should never stop you from celebrating success with your team. Keeping up morale is important, and there are many easy and cost-effective ways to do so. If you are unsure if any of these ideas will fit your team, ask them. They might have some great ideas of their own to share and will appreciate you taking the time to consider their ideas!