3 Ways a Mobile App Can Drive Your Business

3 Ways a Mobile App Can Drive Your Business

We get it, can be a scary process, especially if you know nothing about them. You’re probably asking yourself if an app is worth all that trouble, but trust us, it is so worth it. A mobile app will take your business to the next level, increase your sales, and create a loyal customer base.

Doesn’t that sound great?  

Let us walk you through how a mobile app can do all of this, and more! 


First off, your app will act as a direct line of communication to your customers, and when we mean direct, we mean direct. Straight to their phone’s screen, just like a text message! Any news or announcements, like big sales, can be sent as a notification directly to your customers who have the app on their phones. Reckless Agency did a study on in-app messaging versus emails open rate and they found out that in-app messaging open rate was 75%, blowing email open rates out of the water. It’s also way more effective than an email blast which could potentially end up in their spam folder or mass deleted with emails from other companies. 

That’s no good. We don’t want our announcements in the trash, and neither do you! Well, maybe you do, but hey, that isn’t our business. 

Direct communication also means no miscommunication or missed opportunities to make a sale or provide better customer service. When customers know they can reach out to support through the app and receive help, it increases the likelihood that they’ll use your service and recommend your business to others. 


Other than establishing a direct line of communication with your clients, another benefit of using mobile apps is accessibility. When accessibility is easier, customers are more likely to buy your products or use your services. This means more money in your pocket. Of course, we aren’t knocking websites! Websites are a great way to gather new customers and make sales, but a mobile app makes it easier to shop on the go. 

A mobile app not only makes your products and services more accessible to your customers, but it can also easily share news about your company, reviews from past customers, and any coupons or deals that you are currently offering. Offering exclusive deals and coupons on your app is an attractive incentive to get customers to download the app. Providing great customer service and accessibility to your services is the cherry on top that will inevitably make them stay. 


Another mobile app perk is brand loyalty. We love brand loyalty, and you should too. So give your customers reasons to be loyal to your business! An app with exclusive deals and coupons, along with ease of shopping, creates loyal customers. When the shopping experience is easier and they get free coupons, customers are more likely to shop with you exclusively. That means more business for you and less for your competitors. 

With a mobile app, you gain customer loyalty, increased visibility and sales, and a direct line of communication to your customers. An app can and will take your business to the next level and give you an advantage over your competitors, which is a huge win in our book! If you’re still hesitant about getting a mobile app for your business, check out some of our other blogs that dive deeper into the benefits of mobile apps.