SKILLSfund Partners with Inventive Academy

SKILLSfund Partners with Inventive Academy

We are super excited to let you know that we just received our approval to partner with SKILLSfund! This means that future students can get a loan for their education and they can get financial aid help with life while attending.  This also means that we no longer need to bootstrap the school…AND, we can hire teachers, teacher assistants, curriculum developers, and so much more!

For the Academy, this partnership means that we can immediately get the school on a massive growth path. We are already looking to take our offering to Mexico and other Latin American countries and can now start to scale out to other states as well.

Exciting times!  🙂

Andrew Siemer

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After an honorable discharge from the Army in 1998, Andy immediately started digging into the technology scene. Having served in 2nd Ranger Battalion and 14th Military Intelligence, Andy is capable of tackling stressful situations while keeping his exuberant smile fully intact. In addition to many consulting engagements from Los Angeles to NY to London over the past 20 years, Andy has worked as the Chief Architect for Dell where he led the rebuild of Click here to check out Andy's Forbes Technology Council profile.

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