Top 3 Tips for Beating Zoom Fatigue

Top 3 Tips for Beating Zoom Fatigue

Are you feeling exhausted and run down during every Zoom meeting? You might have Zoom fatigue! We are more than a year into working from home and using Zoom as a primary way to communicate and collaborate with each other; a little burnout was bound to happen. It can be tiring to stare at a screen all day and with Zoom, you might feel like you are always available for a call, with no breaks. This is not healthy, physically, emotionally, or mentally.  So, what can you do to beat this Zoom fatigue and feel a bit saner?

Check out our top tips for creating a healthier workspace for yourself and making zooming a bit more bearable! 


This might seem like a no-brainer, but get up and move! When you sit too long in one spot, your muscles begin to ache and you feel restless. This causes frustration and annoyance. To combat this, set a timer that goes off every hour and spend five minutes stretching, or if you are able, go for a walk in your backyard or around the block. Take time to cool down and stretch your muscles and relax your mind. This small break can refresh your mind and help boost your mood so you can make it through the day, no matter how many Zoom meetings you have!


Sitting in the same spot in the same room every day can get tiring, so switch it up. Zoom can be used on your mobile device so take your meetings outside or to a room with tons of natural light. According to Healthline, there are tons of benefits to natural light, including improving sleep and mood, so try to get out in the sunlight for a few zoom calls. Being in a new space, even if it is just for an hour or two, can help ease the stress of a Zoom call. 


Do you dread the ever-boring ‘how is the weather?’ and other dull questions that seem to kick off every Zoom call? So do we! They are boring and they do not stimulate deep thinking, they only make the call drag on longer. Museumhack has some great questions that can start your Zoom calls with better conversations that can brighten up the call. These questions can provide meaningful socialization that you would normally get in an office setting, but miss out on while working from home. They can also help you learn more about your teammates and can strengthen your relationship with them for better teamwork. 

Zoom is a convenient way to attend meetings from the comfort of your home, your car, or anywhere, however, it has a lot of drawbacks. Exhaustion and eye strain are just a couple of the negative side effects of Zoom life. It is important to take steps to look out for your health and sanity. We hope that these tips can provide you with relief from Zoom fatigue while also helping you boost your productivity and mood.