Affiniti-Monitoring Solution

Cloud Migration Monitoring Solution

Affiniti, a leading provider of AI-based customer interaction solutions, embarked on a project to create a monitoring appliance for their clients migrating to the cloud, offering cloud migration consulting as part of their services. The initiative aimed to develop 'Affiniti Network Assure', a unique solution for network and server performance monitoring in on-premise or co-located data centers.

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The Need

Faced with aggressive hardware timelines and the need for a sophisticated solution, Affiniti turned to Inventive, known among cloud migration consulting companies for our rapid response. The task was to develop a minimum viable product rapidly, with an eye on future expansion. We dove in and assembled a dedicated team, engaging directly with Affiniti's CTO and Director of Engineering for comprehensive technical guidance to meet the hardware ship date. With that, we laid the groundwork for a solution that featured:

The Solution

  • An intuitive, easy-to-use website for real-time alerts and historical queries.
  • SLA compliance tests and optimal circuit pricing performance metrics.
  • A continuous delivery pipeline leveraging Amazon’s Elastic Container Service and AWS Lambda for quick, downtime-free updates.

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The Result

Our collaboration resulted in the successful launch of the Affiniti Network Assure Portal, a customer-facing web application offering unique features like live network maps — a rarity in similar applications. Inventive not only developed the portal but also played a crucial role in branding and marketing the Network Assure product.

The Affiniti Network Assure Portal is the primary, customer facing, portion of the Network Assure product. The portal serves a dual role of reporting on the status of network devices and allowing configuring of discovered devices. 

The home page, or dashboard, of the portal displays graphs breaking down the traffic on the network as well as any devices which are in a state of alarm. Customers also have the ability to build their own dashboards zooming in on specific metrics of import to them.

Users can build out network maps which show live details about the state of the network. This is a feature which is typically missing from applications in the same space as Network Assure.

The configuration side of the portal allows users to enter additional information about the network devices they’re monitoring as well as turning monitoring of those devices on and off.

Need a Partner to Navigate Cloud Migration and Network Monitoring?

Inventive is your answer. We specialize in developing innovative, user-friendly solutions for real-time monitoring and performance management optimized to your needs. Rapid product development and leveraging the latest technologies for effective solutions is how we do it. Reach out and let’s discuss your needs and figure out the best path forward.