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150 Screen Mobile Application and Development Lifecycle

Our client’s service offerings to their growing global customers were dramatically enhanced by the Inventive team building a comprehensive mobile application. The brand-new application allows customers to easily connect with their vehicles for various service needs such as roadside assistance, ongoing maintenance, recalls, policy information, and many more upgraded experiences for car connectivity.

As technology evolves on a daily basis, our client had a vision: creating a cross-platform mobile application that connects a customer to their vehicle.

Our automotive insurance client came to us for help designing and building their mobile app experience. We launched their MVP project with a full-scale prototype phase and a detailed roadmap to implement additional features in a timed rollout over several phases. Inventive provided technical advisors, scalability and design experts, and deep mobile application experience to meet their business objectives. 

Making valuable customer connections and offering true customer benefit was key to our client’s automotive business, expanding the business with new product offers and enhancing relationships with dealers and service providers.

We view automotive telematics as a place that we should be innovating in. We’re developing a solution around an application that, at its inception, is going to be supporting the core business and will ingest information from these vehicles as telematics becomes more mainstream. We hired Inventive Works, LLC to help us develop the application for that.
- Sr. VP of Global Transformation, Consumer Protection Insurer

Our Approach

When it comes to modernizing and inventing business-critical applications you need a team aligned to your vision, one who can partner to ensure your vision comes to life. Inventive brought their full team to the RFP and were able to deliver an early prototype and a complete visual design of the experience.



Early Prototype Design

UI/UX Design

Software Engineering and Architecture



Project Management

To help create and carry their vision forward, our automotive insurance client relied on us to help them fully transform, build, and launch their innovative custom mobile app development so that they could scale their business, nurture partnerships with dealerships and service providers, and expand additional global services to their customers in the UK and around the world.

In our prototype development, our team worked with our client to identify their business goals and their end-users’ needs to solidify the experience and bring the vision of the mobile app to life. By doing this, we can learn how something works and deliver a usable model of interactions before we even start development.
- Andrew Siemer, Inventive CEO

Bringing the Vision to Life

After a formal RFP process which included early prototypes of both design and functionality, Inventive proceeded with our discovery phase. We were able to present the company with a design-forward mobile application prototype build in just three weeks for product development approval.

The Inventive Discovery Process

Working with our automotive insurance clients, we were able to take their list of requirements and refine them over time, starting with wireframes, into clickable prototypes, and ending with hi-fidelity mobile screens for the entire user experience. The team collaboration between our client and the Inventive team was a true partnership to build the entire vision of this product with our discovery and development processes.

  • High-level whiteboard sessions to understand requirements and needs
  • Review of the current application  (as a user/consumer)
  • Technical deep dive into understanding solutions and needs
  • System and architectural design
  • Proof of concepts created to support features
  • Data architecture design
  • Choose supporting services and vendors
  • Finalize designs
  • Generate findings documentation
  • Review with stakeholders to refine
  • Submit to move forward with the build
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MVP Mobile Application Features

By design, the mobile application serves two distinct customer audiences - end-users, and dealerships & service providers.

Custom Features:

  • Multiple integrations with existing infrastructure and technology platforms
  • Geolocation
  • Service Data
  • 3rd party API integrations with fuel.com, repairpal.com, NHTSA (recall info), motor.com, and custom developed APIs from our client
  • Display vehicle data related to VIN
Starting from scratch, in just 20 weeks Inventive succeeded at developing an integrated mobile application that offers insurance customers a fully-connected car app experience while automating multiple back-end functionalities on the business side to scale across business units and vendors.

Working with teams to solve hard technical problems is where Inventive excels. This opportunity to work on complex integrations and design a robust app serving clients was right up our alley. Our design and engineering teams completed numerous UX/UI iterations and customer experience journeys to ensure this mobile application would help our client win the competitive edge they desired. We worked closely with the client, making daily decisions, and keeping all teams organized, aligned, and productive as we accelerated development and worked to launch the app.

Our UX/UI design team delivered over 300 user screens across the MVP application and our development team delivered over 40,000 lines of code.

Developing Solutions For Hard To Solve Problems

The mobile application is not just an application that runs on the mobile phone but also a complex suite of API calls for storing and retrieving data. Prior to the engagement, Inventive had a great deal of experience developing APIs for mobile and web applications. In one sense this project was slightly different - the client requested the mobile application make use of the relatively new Flutter framework which is written in Dart for mobile development. 

Flutter maintains the native experience and feel of the app, and performs on any platform. Flutter is relatively new in the software development world and the Inventive team was able to move forward quickly and make use of the increasingly rich set of plugins and tools within the Flutter ecosystem.

A number of the tasks in the application, such as creating a vehicle, initially took a significant time to execute. Keeping users waiting for API calls is never a good experience so the long-running processes were kicked off asynchronously.

The APIs relied on calling out to a number of third party services such as the NHTSA for recalls and VIN decoding and Motor.com for maintenance information. External calls such as these can be unreliable due to target websites being down or simply network congestion. In order to avoid these problems, Inventive used their experience with multiple strategies to increase reliability. 

Data persistence was handled using MongoDB, one of the most popular object databases. This provides scale and ease of use while allowing the team to move quickly and not worry about schema changes.

Inventive applied a Google Firebase integration point for analytics functionality to gather metrics on screens visited and to help analyze API calls. This allowed easy remote configuration to enable and disable features at any time, supporting a global rollout and overriding cost and pricing estimates as needed.

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The team consisted of developers in North America as well as in Ukraine and Russia. This multiple time-zone based team allowed development to follow the sun. At the end of each team member’s day they would hand off their tasks to the team in the next time zone, allowing more rapid development and forcing in-depth knowledge sharing.

A Technology Roadmap With The Vision To Scale

This insurance mobile application supported integrations from several 3rd party systems allowing information to be quickly pulled in and presented to the end-user. Inventive knows how important it is to design a path forward from MVP to a comprehensive mobile application that includes the client’s long-term vision.

“The goal is to not only build a mobile application, but to deliver an experience that allows our client’s customers to be connected to their cars, with the ability to continue to build that experience to one that’s “always-on”. This development provides a great opportunity for our client to grow its overall services offering.” 
- Greg Bryant

We Get Shit Done, Brilliantly.

Inventive builds custom solutions that solve hard technology problems across multiple industries. We live and breathe our mission of Improving Lives with Technology, taking product ideas from discovery to launch and scaling our experienced teams to innovate and deliver world-class solutions.

Inventive believes in making technology and innovation more accessible to all. 10% of proceeds from this mobile app development were donated to our Inventive Cares Fund, allowing us to pay 500 engineering hours forward to causes such as nonprofits for veterans, women in tech, and first responders. 

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