Apostoli Viae - Rosary Mobile App


Religious organizations aren't usually known for their tech-savviness or quickness to adopt the latest gadgets. But the ones that do integrate new solutions into their mission typically experience big benefits including things like an increase in community engagement and overall brand awareness.

That all sounds amazing, right?

Still, there often can be hesitancy when organizations are challenged with whether or not to go for that upgrade. The biggest hurdle that prevents them from taking the leap to new technology is the fear of change – using something we’re not familiar with – along with the added costs that come along with it. 

The truth is, there is a balance between hanging on to the old and moving onto the new.

Sometimes all that’s needed is a guiding light to help make that process as easy, affordable and stress-free as possible.

That’s exactly what Inventive is here for. We take special pride in making sure that the organizations that help our communities function are using technology that will allow them to do that.  

A great example of that is the work we did for our client, Apostoli Viae.

Apostoli Viae is a community where members of the Apostoli organization can meet, chat, encourage one another, engage in formation, and discuss matters of the Catholic faith. It is also part of the largest worldwide Catholic Radio and Podcast network.

Apostoli Viae asked Inventive for assistance in creating an educational mobile application that would allow their community members to pray the Rosary in the correct way using their mobile devices. 

Apostoli Viae identified the following criteria as key features for the app to provide a positive and robust experience for their community members, empowering them to build relationships and strengthen their spirituality:

  • Compatible on both Apple and Android
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Explains the five mystic traditions of the Catholic faith
  • Effectively drives traffic to their site
  • Visually represent the Apostoli Viae brand

Enter in: Inventive’s team of innovative and dedicated software engineers who jumped at the opportunity to create a custom solution that met all those needs. 

And that’s exactly what we did.


The Rosary Mobile App was broken down into four major development phases: 

Phase 1 - Define 

Phase 2 - Create

Phase 3 - Develop 

Phase 4 - Delivered

Our design efforts allowed for an efficient and streamlined user experience that was distinctly Apostoli, and also provided a way for community members to maintain and exceed that level of education, connectedness, and community that the app was intended to do.

Functionality, ease of use, and the seamless adoption of the app into the user’s everyday routine were key. 

Some of the implementations our team developed in order to achieve that included things like: 

  • Uniquely Apostoli Viae-branded
  • Compatible on both Apple and Android devices
  • Ability to easily pray a rosary on the application using a drag and drop feature, advancing the message seen in the app
  • Geolocating
  • Function that captures how often a user prays the Rosary, where they pray, and completion rates
  • A design that was fresh, current and delivered a ‘WOW’ experience 


Interactive Virtual Map Function

Intuitive and User-Friendly Homescreen

Drag and Drop Feature for Rosary


Notification Services


The successful completion of the Apostoli Viae Rosary App resulted in an easy-to-use, innovative and invaluable mobile experience for all users. The app was rolled out to members of the Apostoli Viae community with overwhelming success and has continued to grow since. 

The Inventive team developed an application that allows users to easily pray the Rosary from the palm of their hands, and did so in a way that promotes deeper connections, understanding, and growth in fellowship and faith. 

The Rosary App also helped Apostoli Viae significantly grow their following. Additionally, the introduction of the Rosary App helped Apostoli Viae increase user subscriptions and donations, proving to be a viable asset in their organization’s overall goals and objectives. 


“This is a beautiful app, and the gospel verses and meditations help tremendously! It really helps me make great progress in my prayer life. I've tried several Rosary apps, and this is the best one.” - Mary Reynolds, Google Play Store

“This is an excellent app for praying the Rosary. It blends perfectly with the book and makes praying the Rosary a joy. Bravo! A job well done!” - Bree Beal, Google Play Store

“Beautiful artwork, Inspiring! Scripture and meditation keep me focused.” -Marilyn Dayton, Google Play Store

“This app is simply elegant and beautiful. The interface is easy to use, the haptics are not distracting and overall the app environment does not get in the way of prayer.. And if this wasn’t good enough in itself, the rosary designs are absolutely gorgeous! This product surely will help bring that meditative dimension to the vocal prayers of the Rosary. Kudos to the developer team!” - Very73, appgrooves

“High-achievers like myself can approach the Rosary prayer simply and intentionally with this app. It’s ease of use, beautiful design, and intelligent built-in guides facilitate deep reflection without the hassle of a complicated interface. It’s ease of use and beauty also makes it highly shareable too (with those new to the prayer of the Rosary). Love it!!” - AugustMomC, appgrooves


Inventive was honored to partner with Apostoli Viae in the development of their custom Rosary App. We’re thrilled that our work has translated into an innovative, thought-provoking, and engaging tool to provide members of the Apostoli Viae community an outlet to build and strengthen relationships with each other and with their faith — all with the simple click of a button.


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