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Freedom Fuels, a leading U.S. provider of bulk fuel supplies, and onsite fueling and hydrovac excavation services, was looking for a streamlined way to automate their processes by leveraging PowerApps and Power Automate (previously known as Microsoft Flow). They came to Inventive for help in completing this project that was left unfinished by a previous development team.

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The Ask

Freedom Fuels identified the following areas in which they could improve the application in order to provide an even more positive and robust experience for their user base:

  • A completed application that allows employees to enter data via PowerApp and have it stored in the SQL backend.
  • They wanted to continue to use PowerApps as their platform. 
  • The ability to edit records and add options to dropdown menus. 
  • There was also a need for a new app to handle bills of lading.

Enter In

Inventive’s team of innovative and dedicated software engineers who were excited for the opportunity to create something amazing, turning Freedom Fuel’s vision into a reality. 

And that’s exactly what we did.

The Solution

Our primary goal was to improve the system that was developed by a previous vendor Freedom Fuels had been working with.

Our Inventive team tackled that goal by first conducting a thorough review of the existing PowerApps code. PowerApps is a low-code environment which makes the development process much faster. The trade off, however, is that it is not as flexible as writing everything ourselves. This gave us the chance to get creative and flex our tech muscles.

Once that was complete, our team then went on to fix known issues such as functionality, ease-of-use, and data management that the application was experiencing. We also added new functionality to improve the overall quality of the application.  

Inventive incorporated different data components into Freedom Fuels’ database and automated their processes by crafting their ERP system. We developed solutions that enabled Freedom Fuels to calculate payment terms, store all their product information, and make their data more accessible to their overseas team and traders.

App Features Include

Editable Deal Sheets and Bills of Lading
Dropdown Menus
Easy Access for Consultants
Streamlined Data Storage

The Result

In just two months, Inventive completed the design of Freedom Fuels’ PowerApps-based application, creating an easy-to-use and invaluable experience for all users. 

Equipped with stellar development proficiency, Inventive Works devised a reliable system that mirrored their client's technical requirements. The team's dedication, top-notch communication, and transparent project management skills guaranteed a progressive and agreeable engagement.

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Inventive believes in making technology and innovation more accessible to all. 10% of proceeds from this mobile app development were donated to our Inventive Cares Fund, allowing us to pay 500 engineering hours forward to causes such as nonprofits for veterans, women in tech, and first responders. 

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