LitX - Document Management System

The Need

According to the 2020 ABA Profile of the Legal Profession, an estimated 1.3 million lawyers are practicing in the U.S. Fifty-nine percent of those lawyers are using web-based software solutions and 62% of law firms are budgeting for technology to support their business.

And for good reason.

Technology is continually redefining the legal field. Online research databases have replaced law books, digital contracts have replaced physical copies, and countless other solutions have been implemented to make law firms more efficient. There are many ways to use technology to make tasks and operations at law firms more efficient. 

Putting those upgrades into play is exactly what John Rubin, Managing Partner at Rubin Law wanted to do.

John contacted Inventive to help assess the viability of a new document sharing platform he aptly named Litigation Exchange, or LitX.

The Ask

After being in the legal industry for 15 years, John discovered the need for a service that enabled lawyers from opposing sides of a case to upload documents into a central location. LitX was born to solve this very problem. 

LitX wanted an Minimum Viable Product (MVP)-level desktop application that could do the following: 

  • Allow users to create an account
  • Ability for users to create a case and invite opposing counsel to join the case.
  • Function which allows users to sign an agreement stating they will both use LitX as their only document sharing platform.
  • Upload documents to a case as well as download documents from a case.
  • Allow users to add and remove team members to and from a case. 
  • Increase the number of seats and storage size in an account.
  • Easily track document deadlines on a calendar.
  • Allow users to print a billing report for a client.
  • Allow users to track and print their own billing report for cost of membership to LitX.

File folder and papers on yellow and blue background

Enter in: Inventive’s team of innovative and dedicated engineers who jumped at the chance to develop something amazing that would further transform the legal industry.

Women standing next to a laptop showing LitX dashboard

The Solution

After a thorough discovery process and significant research, Inventive confirmed the need and viability for an invaluable product such as this. John and his partner, Gilbert Montemayor, gave the green light to move forward with the development of their SaaS platform and we were officially off to the races.

Our Inventive engineers used a combination of tools and programs to execute the implementation of the application:






The goal was to create a custom cloud-based platform that would enable legal teams from opposing sides to share documents in a way that sets a precedent for document sharing. Our design efforts allowed for a more efficient and streamlined user experience.

Creating a platform that was functional, easy to use, and secure was key.

Several of the implementations our team developed include:

Intuitive and easy-to-use interface
Automated data backup
Track and audit deadlines & compliance
Built-in auto notification system
Cloud data integration

App Features Include

Create the case

Notification emails

Time-stamped downloads

Audit trail

User-set notifications

Deadline calculation with built-in reminders

Analytical tracking tools

screenshots of the litx platform

The Result

In just three and a half short months, Inventive completed the MVP development and design of LitX’s platform from scratch. We created a subscription-based SaaS solution that integrates with Docusign and allows for the secure exchange of information between attorneys working on a case. Tracking and auditing features also ensure deadlines are met and the exchange of information is in compliance with the law. 

Throughout the process, our Inventive team stayed in regular contact with LitX and consistently provided status updates with no surprises or lost expectations.


We are grateful for the opportunity to have worked with the incredible people at LitX, providing them a customized solution that fits their needs.

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