MAS HVAC - React Application

Bringing Speed and Efficiency to the MAS HVAC Sales Team When Designing and Building Custom Air Handlers

MAS HVAC is a custom air handling unit manufacturer known for reducing the air handler footprint and boosting airflow capacity. They're a lively team of engineers and fabricators based in Circle Pines, Minnesota, who love finding the best solutions — and having a great time while they're at it. Since 2010, they've offered custom alternatives to standard air handlers across North America.

The Need

MAS HVAC identified a need to improve its quoting process. The existing procedure utilized various spreadsheets and an assortment of third-party tools developed by manufacturers. These scattered processes were time-consuming and created an inefficient flow of critical information.

They were eager to have a custom version that would better meet their unique needs, envisioning a tool that could nimbly navigate their extensive range of fan arrays to create precise quotes based on various parameters like airflow and sound. This tool would not only streamline their internal processes but also empower their sales team to provide rapid, tailored solutions to their clients.

With a reputation for top-level service and a commitment to providing the best solution for their clients, MAS HVAC wanted a tool to maintain this standard without having to go fully custom. They turned to Inventive for a solution that would align with their ethos: top-notch solutions delivered with a touch of fun.

The Solution

When MAS HVAC approached Inventive with their unique needs, it wasn't just about deploying another application — it was about understanding the very fabric of their business operations and how to best tailor a software solution that would be both effective and efficient.

The first step in our collaboration was the discovery process. For those unfamiliar, think of the discovery process as the blueprint phase in construction. Over a span of two months, we dove deep into the operations, requirements, and aspirations of MAS HVAC.

This wasn’t just a cursory overview; we conducted extensive interviews with the MAS HVAC team, examined their day-to-day processes, and analyzed the gaps where technology could play a transformative role. The comprehensive analysis ensured that we didn’t miss any nuances and allowed us to create a roadmap that set MAS HVAC up for future success.

Our approach was rooted in agile development to emphasize collaboration, customer feedback, and rapid, iterative releases. This means that throughout the development phase, MAS HVAC was not just a spectator but an active participant. There were regular demos, feedback cycles, and refinements, ensuring the end product was not just technically sound but also resonated with the actual users.

The heart of the solution was a custom, user-friendly React application. We leveraged a no-code approach where applicable, which reduced both costs and development time. The application was seamlessly integrated with Hasura for the API layer and backed by a super reliable PostgreSQL database. Everything was hosted on Azure, guaranteeing security and scalability.

Benefits to Low Code / No Code Solutions

  • General data access is built for you, including database migrations
  • Typesafe client API can be  generated based on GraphQL API
  • GraphQL layer is automatically exposed via GUI configuration console and source-controlled
  • Authentication, roles, and permissions are already handled
  • One-third or more custom code removed from the solution
  • Less code to maintain and support in the future
  • Can focus on UI/UX and algorithmic elements

Now, while these technical details might sound complex, the essence is simple: the technology stack was chosen for its efficiency, scalability, and reliability. We faced challenges, especially with CAD file generation and engineering constraints calculations. But these hurdles inspired innovation. For instance, despite the maze of incomplete libraries, we managed to find a solution for the CAD generation, and the result was a responsive user experience even with intricate engineering calculations on demand.

In essence, with the discovery process, agile methodology, and the strategic blend of technology, MAS HVAC didn’t just get a software solution. They embarked on a transformative journey that was poised to redefine their operational efficiency.

Computer and documents on yellow background

The Result

In just two months, MAS HVAC had a new, custom software solution that serves a dual purpose: aiding in the design process of custom air handlers while also facilitating the quotation and sales aspect by generating quotes based on the configuration by their sales team.

Features were consolidated into one location, so tasks that used to take minutes now take seconds. The improved user experience was a breath of fresh air for the sales team, who could now focus less on admin work and more on providing clients with tailored solutions at a quicker pace.

After having used the new solution in the field, MAS HVAC remains thrilled with the speed and smoothness of the outcome. Now, they're equipped with a tool that matches their needs perfectly. With their new success, things are really heating up for MAS HVAC — and they're cool with that!