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Launch of brand new website and e-commerce platform

The partnership with Inventive allowed ProGrade Digital to enhance their services and offerings for any digital imaging professional who is meticulous about equipment and workflow.

“A critical opportunity for ProGrade Digital was enhancing the overall customer experience. This included designing a responsive WordPress website — one website, any screen — enabling customers to access the site from any device, as well as improving site load times to increase conversion rates.”

- Andrew Siemer, Inventive CEO

“The Inventive team has been a core part of successfully launching our business. They could pick up the pieces of our broken site and build them into our vision for our brand. When we launched our company, people told us they were amazed we were as small as we were because our website made us look like a big company. 

We are happy to be working with Inventive, and I highly recommend them for any website project of any size that a company has.”

- Mark Lewis, ProGrade Digital Co-Founder and VP of Marketing

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A Modern Marketing Website

ProGrade Digital came to Inventive with an unfinished website done by a third party and asked for help building out its remaining requirements. Throughout the discovery process with ProGrade Digital, the Inventive team took the time to gain in-depth knowledge of the business. We worked closely with the ProGrade Digital team so we could move quickly and capture their vision precisely.


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Site Maintenance

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End-to-End Tests


Website Development Services - Our Approach

ProGrade Digital’s website needed to showcase their products, ambassador profiles, dynamic news feeds, press releases, multinational support pages, and product specs in addition to an e-commerce platform.

Inventive’s website development process begins with a series of in-depth discussions with our engineering team to understand ProGrade Digital’s needs, wishlist, and vision to enhance the online experience.

Inventive Expertise & Delivery

  • Phase 1: Discovery, design, and build of the new, modern website
  • Phase 2: Continuous monthly support, ongoing development, and marketing program execution

Beyond standard content pages, ProGrade Digital wanted to grow their digital brand, acquire loyal customers with a new and enhanced customer experience and gain new insights with more robust ecommerce and marketing capabilities by offering:

  • Shopify store and payment gateway setup
  • WordPress custom fields, post types, and other admin customizations
  • Klaviyo email marketing and other API integrations
  • Product and discount customizations
  • Custom membership portal design and development
  • Software license renewal system
  • Custom memory card / camera compatibility charts
  • Implementation of SEO optimization strategies
  • Analytics and tracking performance enhancements

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An Effortless Consumer Journey - UX/UI Design

ProGrade Digital prioritized a user-first approach in updating the next iteration of their website to yield a positive effect on these performance metrics:

  • Faster sites mean more customers will reach checkout
  • Faster sites encourage customers to stay longer and increase purchase price
  • Faster sites have lower bounce rates

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A Modern, Vibrant Website Design

Inventive created a bold color palette of dark blacks and grays paired with electric blues and golden yellows that play off the family of ProGrade Digital products. The dark base of the website served as a rich background for stunning and colorful action photography. On the homepage, the parallax of grids and technical patterns provide movement and interest around otherwise fixed product images.

Responsive Design is Critical

One website, any screen. ProGrade Digital needed its users to access the site from any device. Inventive took great care to ensure the new design would look great and function on any screen size.


Inventive first took the necessary steps to ensure ProGrade Digital’s sites could receive and send data securely through proper SSL installation, prioritizing the protection of their customer’s most sensitive information above all else. 

In addition, Inventive focused on ProGrade Digital’s site security with best-in-class WordPress hosting, site monitoring, and maintenance, managed Web Application Firewall (WAF), advanced DDOS Mitigation, and Cloudflare CDN, among many other security best practices.


Inventive brought ProGrade Digital up to compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by implementing safe data collection practices and cookie policies.

Email Integration

After integrating their website directly with their email marketing software, Inventive helped ProGrade Digital increase its newsletter subscribers by more than 10x and tripled their conversion rate from their email subscriber base alone.

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Inventive helped ensure the uptime and integrity of the website via site monitoring best practices, including data encryption, core WordPress, PHP, and SQL updates, daily backups, and plugin vulnerability notifications.

A Strategic Partnership

Inventive was able to build and deploy the site in an environment owned by ProGrade Digital and has worked alongside their team in providing maintenance, content updates, support, continuous deployment, marketing, and improved performance post-launch.

What Was the Result of Elevating ProGrade Digital's Digital Presence?

In January 2020, we began a transformative journey with ProGrade Digital to revitalize its digital footprint and drive substantial growth. Our approach focused on amplifying online visibility, enhancing user engagement, and boosting revenue. Over four years of efforts and innovative strategies, they've experienced massive growth and set new benchmarks.

Growth in Traffic and Visibility

Our collaboration was the start of phenomenal growth in traffic and online visibility for ProGrade Digital. Comparing metrics from the inception of our partnership in January 2020 to January 2024 reveals:

  • A Surge in Monthly Total Traffic — We've witnessed an extraordinary increase of 349%, a testament to targeted marketing strategies in every digital campaign.
  • Growth in Monthly Organic Traffic — An impressive 554% rise in organic traffic resulted from optimizing search engine presence, enhancing content quality, and leveraging SEO best practices to attract a more substantial, engaged audience.
  • Expansion in Keywords Ranking — They jumped from 1,430 to 8,500 — a staggering 494% growth in keywords ranking highlights our focus on broadening ProGrade Digital's reach so that potential customers can find them first in search results.

And perhaps most exciting is the increased traffic that has led to an astonishing 666% increase in monthly revenue.

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A Partnership Built On Innovation and Growth

The results of these efforts speak volumes: soaring traffic, skyrocketing revenue, and an expanded digital footprint that sets ProGrade Digital apart from the competition. We're proud to have played a pivotal role in driving growth and redefining possibilities for ProGrade Digital!

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