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Turning the Page on Outdated Systems: Service Group Operations Leaps Forward with Azure

Meet Service Group, a finance and insurance company providing services to automotive dealerships. Over time, their operations had become tied to a legacy system that was aging, unstable, and held together by a patchwork of over 50 external integrations. With every feature addition, something else would break. Storms meant server outages, bringing trouble to hundreds of dealerships and customers. It was time for a transformation.

The Need

Service Group wanted more than just a facelift; they needed a comprehensive overhaul of their contract processing system. The goals were clear: reduce downtime, increase system reliability, retain more customers, and acquire new ones. They envisioned a design that spoke the language of clean, modern tech brands like Tesla and Apple. In essence, they needed a smooth, clear process that works impeccably across all devices, serving clients with ease.

Reduce Downtime
Increase System Reliability
Retain More Customers
Acquire New Customers

The Solution

Our journey with Service Group began with an in-depth analysis of the existing infrastructure and codebase, setting the stage for the development of a cloud-based architecture on Azure. This new design was crafted to integrate seamlessly with the old AS400 mainframe, implementing retries and fallbacks to alleviate frequent outages.

We upgraded the front-end framework to the latest version of React, leading to speed improvements, reduced loading times, and the rapid addition of new features. This transformation yielded a responsive user interface characterized by clean white space and modern design.

Feedback tools like Intercom and LogRocket allowed for beta testing, enabling Service Group to trial the new portal with select dealerships. This approach provided us with real-time insights, allowing iterative refinements to the user experience, ultimately resulting in a system that was not just robust and cutting-edge but finely tuned to the specific needs and expectations of its users.

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The Result

Service Group's new application dramatically simplified their contracting process to just three steps, heralding a complete transformation from a once cumbersome legacy system to a sleek, modern operation. 

The new and improved portal flawlessly aligned with the AS400 system, showcasing marked resilience (even during a significant and unplanned Azure outage mid-project!) Through the utilization of failovers and replication, we safeguarded against data loss and ensured rapid site recovery.

This wasn't merely a technical upgrade; it translated into tangible business successes. Customer retention saw an increase, system downtime was minimized, reliability was bolstered, and customer acquisition received a noticeable boost. The project's achievements resonated on both technological and commercial levels, reflecting a solution that was meticulously tailored to Service Group's unique needs and aspirations.

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Forging Ahead

If your company is wrestling with a similar software challenge or looking to redefine its digital transformation, Inventive is here to help. Reach out, and let's write your success story together!