Design Sprints

Life is a marathon, not a sprint

Life may be a marathon, but when it comes to software, we solve problems with intense bursts of creativity known as Design Sprints. Got a critical business challenge that needs attention? Or a project that demands an innovative push? Design Sprints fast-track the discovery of creative solutions.

These sprints are all about speed of collaboration, creativity, and teamwork. They compress what could be months of research and ideation into just a few days.

The Inventive Approach

At Inventive, every Design Sprint is unique. Our approach is flexible and adaptive, varying in duration from just a few days for focused issues to up to two weeks for complex challenges. Regardless of the timeframe, our goal is to discover the right ideas and solutions for your needs. We employ a variety of discovery techniques, ensuring each sprint is optimally aligned with your critical business needs.

Imagine being able to prototype, test, and learn at lightning speed, validating an idea's potential more swiftly than even a minimal product launch. Design Sprints are an integral part of our Discovery phase, allowing you to hit the fast-forward button. Test realistic prototypes and gather customer feedback that will enable quick, informed decision-making.

What We Learn in Design Sprints

During a design sprint we’ll collaborate closely with your team, employing design thinking methodologies and tools to explore creative solutions in real-world scenarios. Design Sprints are a direct path to quick outcomes, and they support the overall journey of creative exploration and problem-solving. Here are the essential areas of insight we strive to acquire during Design Sprints:

Deep Customer Understanding

Our primary focus is on empathizing with your customers. We want to understand their needs and your business challenges from various angles, offering invaluable insights into the customer experience.To enable the tracking, auditing, notification, and exchange of legal documents between litigation lawyers during the life of a case.

Solution Clarity:

From our insights and observations, we need to clearly define potential solutions and desired outcomes. This means organizing information to create a map of the path forward and getting everyone on-board.

Creative Ideation:

We embrace the power of brainstorming to encourage creativity and allow us to identify the most promising ideas for further exploration. We’re then able to craft detailed plans for your prototype’s development.

Prototyping Insights:

Our designers are awesome at creating testable prototypes that refine your product vision. This phase is crucial for minimizing costs and risks in pre-production, and getting insight into product design and functionality.

User Testing Feedback:

Focused on meeting user needs, these tests provide real-time feedback, allowing us to refine concepts further and capture key learnings that inform future development strategies.

Transitioning to Implementation

The insights and knowledge we've gained, from understanding customer needs to refining prototype designs, are invaluable as we move forward with the building process. Our next steps involve translating these insights into actionable requirements, crafting detailed user stories and tasks, and carefully articulating their value in the development process. 

Collaboration with our engineering team is essential during this phase, as we work closely to ensure a comprehensive grasp of the requirements and their value. This effort plays a pivotal role in transforming prototypes and ideas into tangible, functional products. Our goal is to maintain the momentum from Design Sprints, so that the transition to delivery is smooth, efficient, and aligned with your objectives in delivering solutions that resonate with users and drive success.

For a successful design sprint, you need knowledge, skills, and an open mindset to gather the insights and observations that effectively inform design decisions.

Design Sprint Success Stories

Inventive's expertise in Design Sprints has united businesses of various sizes and industries, steering them towards a common vision. Below are highlights from our success stories.

Our Arsenal Of Design Sprint Tools

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