Building the very best version of your vision

Every product journey begins in a sea of questions. 

"What problem does my product solve?"

"Who needs what I’m selling?"

These questions are crucial — and prototyping can be the answer. A prototype makes it easy to get insights about user interaction before anything is built. You learn valuable lessons and iterate through design revisions rather than fixing something after the fact. This can in turn accelerate the development process and the time it takes to bring your offerings to market.

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The Inventive Prototype Process

Ideas are only valuable if they’re understood. That’s typically the first hurdle you’ll face when it comes to product development. Whether you’re seeking investment, or just building excitement before a launch, you need some way to show others what’s going on in your head. 

But the beauty is that it doesn’t take perfection to relay an idea. We don’t need or want a finished product to show someone an idea. Start on a napkin or a whiteboard. We know, we’ve done it.

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Your vision, no matter its stage, is the blueprint. We’ll begin with a consultation leading into discovery where we clearly define your goals, audience, and vision.

From broader decisions like branding and user interface layout to the finer details like features and user interactions, our team of experts use prototypes to explore alternative avenues to ensure that what gets built will be intuitive and effective for your customers.

Think of prototyping as the creative playground before development. Prototypes allow stakeholders to experience the user flow and provide feedback early on to identify and overcome any challenges while continually refining ideas. 

It’s at this stage that you’ll sometimes pivot or try something unexpected. Seeing something in your head and then seeing it on the screen can provide new perspectives and therefore new ideas.

What You'll See

Whether it’s wireframes, prototypes, or mockups, we do it all. Our design team, a dynamic mix of top-notch designers and UX professionals, is ready to bring your vision to life, whether it's a website, app, or mobile prototype.

We're equipped to assist from the earliest brainstorming phase right through to high-fidelity design and prototyping. And, of course, we would love the opportunity to bid on building your perfect software.

Start with something you’d lose no sleep over if you had to throw it all away. That’s how you get to a great product design.

Our Arsenal of Prototype Tools

We believe in using the right tools for the job, and understand that needs will be different for each project. From pencil and paper to sophisticated design tools, we’ll match the tool to the task at hand. You may be familiar with some of the tools we use, or you might not, but rest assured that we’ll provide you with the necessary access to fully explore your product in its various forms. Here are just a few of our favorite tools:

Let’s build a prototype for your dream product!