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Building the very best version of your vision

What problem is my product trying to solve? How much demand is there for my product? Am I targeting the right audiences? Do my customers need my product?

These are the types of questions we frequently get from our clients who are trying to define and refine their initial product idea. Maybe you can relate. 

To get the right answers to these questions, we understand that real feedback is far more valuable than conclusions drawn from market research alone. That’s why prototyping is so important in any product development journey. 

Prototyping is how you get tangible products in your customers’ hands and the flexibility to make quality and informed updates rapidly, efficiently, and affordably.

The Inventive Prototype Process

Great ideas can strike at any moment. Here at Inventive, we’ve been known to jot down our thoughts via actual whiteboards and even by way of scribbled notes and doodles on napkins. 

It’s true. 

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No matter how fleshed out your vision, or how your idea is organized, we will take it and build an iteration of your product in order to adequately measure customer feedback, learning how to best optimize and improve it to help ensure business success.  It starts with an initial consultation, followed by a thorough product discovery phase where we get to really know and understand you, your goals, your audience, and your vision. 

From broader decisions like how fast the product performs to the finer details like branding, UX/UI, and the overall user experience, our team of experts will explore all of these avenues to ensure that your end product will run efficiently and effectively to wow your customer base.

We like to think of prototyping as an iterative design process that happens prior to development. 

Our team designs interactive prototypes, allowing leaders and stakeholders to try the “user flow” firsthand and get the first real experience of the interface. This process generates valuable feedback when testing early ideas and assumptions. Developers can then identify technical hurdles early on. 

Wireframes, mockups, prototypes. We do it all. 

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Our design team is stacked with designers and user experience professionals who know their shit (how else do you think we get it done so brilliantly?).

We have performed many interviews and have helped inform the direction a quality product should take. We can help you as early as the napkin phase with product strategy, or we can jump straight into high-fidelity design and prototyping. 

And, of course, we would love the opportunity to bid on building your perfect software.

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Prototyping is the conversation you have with your ideas

Prototyping - Success Stories

We’ve helped businesses of all types and sizes save time and effort by discovering, defining, and refining their project’s needs and goals — prior to development. Here are just a few of our prototyping success stories.


To enable the tracking, auditing, notification, and exchange of legal documents between litigation lawyers during the life of a case.

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Apostoli Viae

Providing an educational and community-based experience to help guide members in their faith — all in an easy-to-use app.

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Providing an educational and community-based experience to help guide members in their faith — all in an easy-to-use app.

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Insight from our prototyping experts

Our design experts work hard to create smart and beautiful branding and logo designs that are strategic, aesthetic, and drive value. Learn more about our unique design approaches.

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Our arsenal of prototype tools

Meet the team

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Alvin Jackson - UI/UX Designer

Client Spotlight

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