User Research

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Why is user research so valuable? Because it sheds light on what the actual product user needs! User research is one of the most effective ways to get valuable insights into customer behaviors, paving the way for informed and confident design and business decisions.

Using in-depth data to personalize experiences means increased brand awareness, loyalty, and recognition. And that ultimately leads to growth and profit. That's our kind of win-win.

Understanding what your customers truly want and need from you today is the first step to better experiences tomorrow. And we can help you do that.

The Inventive User Research Process

We tailor our approach to user research to achieve effective design solutions whether it's a website redesign, new app, or internal system. We want to help get you to that desired future state so we begin with the questions that will allow us to understand what is blocking you.

Market Research

Every digital project begins with understanding the audience. Our research uncovers who your customers are, their needs, goals, frustrations and pain points. This understanding informs the representative user personas we create that will empower you to develop stronger connections with your customers as a whole.

A significant aspect of this research is understanding the user's context and environment. Where are they when they use your product, and what else is competing for their attention? Having this insight is crucial to truly creating an experience that feels effortless and improves lives. 

We place value in clearly defined mental models and predict how these models will affect user decisions and actions. In doing so we identify paths to meet their needs that we can test and further refine.

Common audience research methods include:

  • User interviews
  • Observations
  • Surveys and questionnaires
  • Focus groups
  • Customer Reviews
  • Stakeholder interviews

Usability Research

Usability research is all about seeing where we’re at. We observe real users as they interact with your product as it exists today. Using task completion rates and feedback we begin to identify areas for further scrutiny.

We identify top tasks and then ask questions like:

  • Can users be successful?
  • Is there anything holding them back?
  • What is frustrating them?
  • What do they experience that is unexpected?

Identifying flaws and difficulties in usability is the first step in making the user experience better. With direct user feedback and quantifiable results, we make recommendations for improvements.

“Don’t just build a product, solve a problem.”

User Research Success Stories

Creating great design is all about telling a story and bringing your ideas to life. Creating great user experiences means we’re making that story personal to your customers. We’ve helped countless businesses understand their audience and craft incredible user experiences. Here are a few success stories.

Insight From Our User Research Experts

We believe in using the right tools for the job, and understand that needs will be different for each project. From pencil and paper to sophisticated design tools, we’ll match the tool to the task at hand. You may be familiar with some of the tools we use, or you might not, but rest assured that we’ll provide you with the necessary access to fully explore your product in its various forms. Here are just a few of our favorite tools:

Our Arsenal of User Research Tools

The most important part of user research is connecting with users. Whether it’s a screen share, or we’re standing at their elbow while they work, it’s an activity of observation and communication. We will always utilize the best tools available to help make that happen in a comfortable and natural way.

Deliver More Value and Create Engaging, Personalized Experiences With User Research By Inventive.