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Any time we think about creating a new digital product, we first need to be cognizant of its end users. After all, without a real user need there is no point in creating a product, right? That’s why validating user needs is extremely important.

During Inventive’s user validation process, our goal is to find the user segment with the most potential, identify early adopters, and learn about their habits, needs, problems, and perspectives in relation to your business.

Learning about your target audience will help us help you find the right product-market fit so you can create business solutions that solve problems.

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The Inventive User Validation Process

Our experts will get your product into the hands of a small group of users for feedback ahead of a full launch. The idea is to do this early before investing a ton of hours (ideally with a prototype) so that we can confirm that this product solves a problem or brings specific value to the target user group.

Ideally, this same group is used in an alpha and beta test ahead of launch to solicit additional feedback on the product in its current state and the planned roadmap.

Here’s a brief outline of what this process may look like:

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Select Audience

Selecting your most potential target audience

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Build Persona

Building and describing your audience personas for user validation

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Creating your Value Proposition and Lean Canvas

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Research, research, research

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Getting feedback from users (interviews and online surveys)

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Analyzing the research data

How does user validation save resources and increase efficiency?

Using our user validation services to collect customer insights fortifies your product decision-making with real-world data. It helps to uncover issues that could otherwise compromise launch success and to answer specific product questions that inform updates. Our product teams can then spend time refining your product even further, reducing returns and increasing overall satisfaction.

The first step in validating your product idea involves getting to know your customers' product preferences more deeply so you can provide a viable solution to their problems.

User Validation - Success Stories

Getting to know your users and understanding their motives is the most crucial part of a business’s or product’s life. We’ve helped clients from all industries do just that. Here are just a few of our user validation success stories.

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Our arsenal of Market Analysis Tools

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