User Validation

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Any time we think about creating a new digital product, we first need to be cognizant of its end users. After all, without a real user need there is no point in creating a product, right? That’s why validating user needs is extremely important.

During Inventive’s user validation process, our goal is to find the user segment with the most potential, identify early adopters, and learn about their habits, needs, problems, and perspectives in relation to your business.

Learning about your target audience will help us help you find the right product-market fit so you can create business solutions that solve problems.

How We Validate User Needs

We’ll put a product prototype into the hands of a small group of users for feedback before investing in a full launch. This confirms that the product solves a problem or brings value to the target user group. And, ideally, this same group is used in an alpha and beta test ahead of launch for additional feedback. Here’s the process:

Set Clear Objectives

Outline the goals of prototype testing and what needs to be learned about the users. Choose the appropriate testing methodology — usability testing, user interviews, surveys, or a combination of these

Recruit Target Users

Recruit participants who represent the target audience. Aim for diversity in age, gender, background, and expertise to get a well-rounded perspective.

Prepare Test Scenarios

Develop realistic and relevant scenarios that users can navigate through during the testing process. These scenarios should cover key functionalities and user journeys.

Conduct User Testing

Allow users to interact with the prototype while observing their behavior and collecting feedback. Encourage them to think aloud to understand their thought processes.

Gather Feedback

Collect both quantitative and qualitative feedback. Use a combination of surveys, questionnaires, and direct observations to capture user impressions, preferences, and pain points.

Iterate and Improve

Analyze the feedback and make necessary iterations to the prototype. Address identified issues and concerns and improve the design based on user input.

Repeat Testing (If Necessary)

If major changes have been made to the prototype, we'll conduct additional rounds of testing to ensure that the modifications effectively address user needs.

Document Insights

Throughout the process, we’ll maintain a record of all the key insights, patterns, and trends that were observed during the testing prototype as a point of reference.

How Does User Validation Save Resources and Increase Efficiency?

The more attuned you are to your customer needs, the easier it is to deliver the right solution. Our user validation services make that happen by collecting customer insights so you can make decisions with real-world data. Find issues that could compromise the launch and get insight into how to improve overall UX.

To build products that people want and will really use, founders first need to validate the problem/need, then understand whether their solution solves that problem.

Our Arsenal of User Validation Tools

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